The Pros And Cons Of Yearing

to tien 2 usd con chuotThis New Year I get 7 million, This New Year I get 10 million. A few years ago, when I was in high school, those words were stirring in the classroom on New Year’s Day.

But later, when I met many children of many better-off families, I found it was normal for them to receive lucky money from the gift-giving envelopes of their gifts to their parents. receive lucky money.

Ms. Minh, whose husband is a director of a provincial Department of Construction. Before Tet, her family does not have to tien 2 usd con chuot worry about flowers, kumquats, peach branches and ornamental plants. The husband also did not worry about alcohol, foreign candies … All had gifts from the staff. She often brags to her relatives on the outside, “getting a leisurely Tet holiday”.

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Author: Gus Knight


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